Sexy bisexual wife

Now Karla, my wife of ten years is one hell of a good looking woman and
enjoys sex with men and women alike. Well we had been drinking most of the
day, when we decided to go to the bar across from our motel.

As our eyes became adjusted to the dim light, Karla was the one that
first noticed Ginny sitting alone at the bar. She was plainly dressed
in a blue blouse, white skirt, and matching white heels. When I turned
to see why Karla was so interested I saw that this woman’s skirt was
hiked up well above her knees and about half way up her thighs, in other
words she was showing a hell of alot of leg. Karla and I also both noticed
that she seemed a little drunk, seeming to lose her balance now and then
while sitting on the bar stool.