cfnm story

Two of my buddies and I were at the local Go-Go bar
checking out the action after a long, hard day walking the
steel in 95 degree weather. We were throwing down some
cold ones watching this long, lanky blonde strutting her
stuff. She had a great ass and legs but didn’t have much
in the way of tits. I motioned to her to come over and
held up a dollar bill. She headed our way, dancing, never
missing a beat, while giving us a sultry smile and running
her tongue over her lips. When she reached me I started
talking to her, asking her what her name was and all that
idle chat bullshit. Her name was Jen, short for Jennifer
she told me. She held her bikini type top away from her
body allowing me to place the dollar bill inside it. As I
put the dollar inside her top I rubbed my fingers over her
nipple. She reached for my hand, pressed it to her tit,
and then moved my hand away. She smiled sexily and danced
away to another patron holding up a bill. As was usual,
the conversation turned to how much we would like to fuck
this dancer and all the usual talk that ensues after one
of these “close encounters”. After awhile, not feeling
much pain, thanks to the Coors, I held up another dollar
and Jen came over. I asked what time she got through and
she said that she finished dancing at 11:00 p.m. I asked
her if she wanted to go out after she got off and go for a
drink or get something to eat. She, somewhat to my
surprise, replied that she would like that and we could go
right after she got off.

Well, a couple of hours passed and it was finally 11
o’clock. She left the dance floor and went in the back
room to change into her street clothes. When she came out
I almost fell off the stool! She was wearing the tightest
jeans that I had ever seen, six inch spiked heels, and
what had to be the skimpiest halter top she could wear
without getting arrested. Her jeans were so tight that the
seam of the crotch was pulled up into her slit forcing her
cunt lips to bulge invitingly on either side of the seam.
My buddy nudged me with his elbow nodding his envious
approval. By now my cock was standing up straight and as
hard as the steel toe in my boot! She came over, smiled
sexily, took me by the arm, and we were on our way. She
said she didn’t mind if my buddies came along which was a
damned good thing since I had the only wheels! Her car was
being repaired and she had taken a taxi to work. We
grabbed a couple of six packs and ice on the way out and
filled the cooler in my van. I asked Greg, one the guys I
was with, to drive while Jen, Paul (my other buddy), and I
got into the back of the van. Jen elected to sit on the
floor so Paul and I sat on the couch (my van was fully
customized). Greg started driving around while Paul and I
talked to Jen about how long she had been dancing and
silly shit like that, trying to get a feel for where her
head was at. The soft red lights that were installed in
the van shined softly on her face highlighting her high
cheekbones and beautiful complexion. She was a good
looking girl and the lights made her look even better. I
slid off the couch and sat next to her. She was sipping a
beer and talking about how nice the van was. When the
conversation lulled she reached into her handbag and
pulled out a baggie with grass and rolling papers in it. I
normally don’t get high and so I kind of sat there not
saying anything. Paul, a real pothead, said “Allright, the
girls got some smoke!” She looked up and smiled at me and
then started rolling a joint. She lit up and took a couple
of deep hits before passing it to me. Not wanting to seem
like an asshole and not really giving a damn about smoking
because I was “ripped” from the beers, I took a couple of
hits and then passed it to Paul. “Good Shit” he said after
taking a couple of hits. Greg hollered for the joint and
we passed it to him and then back and forth until it was
completely gone. Jen rolled another one and we all passed
it back and forth, getting more and more stoned! Now I
don’t know good grass from bad grass, but I know I sure
got fucked up that night! Greg finally parked the van deep
in the woods, in one of our partying spots, and joined us
in the back of the van. We got more comfortable, me
sitting behind Jen with her sitting between my legs. As we
all talked and laughed I reached up under Jens top and
started fondling her tits. Her nipples quickly became hard
and erect. She tilted her head back towards me, smiled,
and kissed me lightly on the lips. All of us continued to
carry on some meaningless conversation for awhile. Greg
said that he had to take a piss and got out of the van.
Paul had to relieve himself also and went with Greg,
leaving Jen and I alone in the van. Jen threw her head
back and as I kissed her she thrust her tongue beep into
my mouth. As we kissed I ran my hand down her belly and
unbuttoned her jeans. I slid the zipper down and she
moaned softly. Our lips parted and she lifted her ass and
slid her jeans off. She had no panties on underneath and
in the dim light I could see that she had a shaven pussy!
My rod was rigid and rock hard, actually aching now! She
turned and started to unbutton my jeans. I raised my ass
and slid them off. She pulled off my underwear releasing
my aching cock and made a cooing noise before saying
simply “Ooooo Baby”! I pulled my tee shirt off as she took
off her halter top. These cute, pert tits stood out
perfectly and invitingly. Paul and Greg, thankfully, had
started a conversation outside and seemed to be engrossed
in it. Jen pushed me down on my back and started to kiss
my chest, slowly working her way down passed my stomach to
my rock hard cock. I reached underneath her and started

playing with her tits, gently kneading her hard nipples
between my fingers. She finally reached my cock and ran
her tongue around the swollen head. She was taking the
head into her mouth and running her tongue around it. She
would then take it out of her mouth and run her tongue
around the head again. As she did this she gently massaged
my balls. She ran her tongue up and down my six inch shaft
and lightly bit the shaft of my cock. My balls were aching
now and she finally took almost my whole cock in her
mouth. I grabbed her hair and started shoving her head
down, trying to ram the whole length of my tool down her
throat. She placed her hand around the base of my cock to
keep my thrusts from choking her as I continued to fuck
her in the mouth. I kept thinking about that clean shaven
cunt she had and pulled her head from my rod. I pulled her
up towards me. She grabbed my cock, positioned herself
over it, and slammed her glistening, shaved pussy down on
me, impaling herself on my ramrod. I felt my balls tighten
up as she sat on me, thrusting her body up and down on my
ready to explode cock. As she fucked me I saw a figure
standing by the back door of the van. It was Paul. He
motioned to me if he could join in. Jen had her eyes
closed savoring each thrust of my cock deep into her pussy
and didn’t know a thing. I reached up and guided Jen’s
lips to mine so that she would be bent over me with her
beautifully rounded ass sticking up in the air. We thrust
against each other while our tongues established a rythym
of their own. Out of the corner of my eye I could see
Paul, cock in hand, taking saliva from his mouth and
putting it on the head of his cock. He slowly moved up
behind Jen and started kissing her firm, well rounded
buttocks. Startled, she tried to sit up. I held her behind
her neck as I thrust my tongue deep into her mouth. Paul
was kissing her ass and slowly worked down until his
tongue was probing her pink, puckered orifice. She was
enjoying Paul’s tongue sliding in and out of her tight
asshole because her thrusts upon my cock became faster and
more erratic and she seemed close to having an orgasm.
Suddenly She stopped thrusting and her body went rigid. I
opened my eyes and saw Paul, now on his knees behind her,
trying to force his cock up that tight, clamped up,
asshole. Jen tried to sit up but her legs were folded
beneath her and she couldn’t get up. No longer kissing, I
held her head next to mine as she started to cry out and
beg “No, please don’t, don’t do that.” “Owwwww” she cried
out as Paul started to push past her backdoor and into the
deep recesses of her bowels. “Please, please, it hurts,
take it out, please take it out” she cried out as Paul
continued to force his long hard cock up her ass. She
started to whimper and make little sobbing noises even as
I thrust my ramrod deep into her cunt. She let out a
sudden cry as Paul, impatient now, rammed the full length
of his shaft up Jen’s tight ass. I felt Paul’s cock slid
against mine through the thin membrane separating Jen’s
ass from her cunt as he impaled her on his manhood. Jen’s
head lay next to me and she was sobbing. Paul and I, now
caught up in this sex extravaganza, alternated our thrusts
as we both shoved our meat deep into her. Jen stopped
sobbing and started moaning softly. She lifted her head
and gently started to part my lips with her tongue. She
was getting the shit fucked out of her and was starting to
love it. Our tongues met and I could feel my balls about
to burst. Jen was starting to shudder, a climax building,
when all of a sudden I see Greg on his knees in front of
Jen! I broke away from the kiss and whispered into Jen’s
ear “we have another surprise for you”. She looked up
almost knowingly, pushed herself up on her arms, and took
Greg’s tool into her mouth. I imagined such things as this
only in fantasies! Greg held her by the back of the head
and was literally fucking her in the mouth. This was no
ordinary blow job, Greg was fucking her mouth as hard as I
was fucking her shaven pussy and Paul was shoving it up
her ass! I could still feel Jen’s body tremble, working
towards orgasm. She suddenly pulled her mouth from Greg’s
cock and started to jerk him off as she breathlessly
yelled out “Ohhh, fuck me, fuck me, shove it up my ass”.
My balls let loose their load and I felt the cum spew from
my cock deep into the recesses of her cunt. Jen was
moaning louder now, shuddering uncontrollably and cried
out as she started to climax. Paul was really slamming
into her now and saying something about her hot, tight,
asshole and how he was gonna fill it with cum. Paul got
off and shot his wad deep into Jen’s bowels. Jen took
Greg’s cock back into her mouth and he shot his load, Jen
swallowing every bit of his jism. All four of us were
spent now. Paul slid his shaft out of her swollen asshole
and sort of fell against the couch. Greg was sitting in
the front seat of the van now and Jen was just kind of
slumped over on top of me. I rolled over to the side and
sat up to grab a beer. I took a few mouthfuls and offered
it to Jen. She sipped on the can and sat silently. After a
few minutes she asked me to take her home.

I dropped off Paul and Greg on the way to Jen’s house. Jen
didn’t speak at all during the ride home. I started
feeling kind of bad for Jen, we really fucked over this
poor girl. I guessed that she wasn’t as wild as she seemed
judging by the way she was dressed. When we got to her
house I walked her to the door. She unlocked the door and
had no intention of inviting me in. I asked if I could use
the bathroom. I almost had to beg her. She reluctantly
agreed to let me in. There were a couple of pairs of panty
hose hanging in the bathroom and a real sexy negligee
hanging on the back of the door. I saw a razor sitting on
the side of the bathtub and started thinking about Jen’s
smooth, glistening cunt again. I could feel myself getting
worked up again, wanting her to myself this time.
I left the bathroom and found Jen sitting on the couch in
a bathrobe. I tried to think of something to say to her
but she abruptly asked me to just leave, she wanted to
take a shower. Determined to have her again, I sat down
next to her and asked how she felt. “Now how the fuck do
you think I feel” she asked. More determined than ever, I
reached over and pushed my hand under her bathrobe and let
it rest on her thigh. She went to get up and I pulled her
back down on the couch. I said “look, I’m sorry for what
happened tonight. I know that my apology doesn’t make it
any different but we were all fucked up and got carried
away”. She stood up again and said that she just wanted to
take a shower and for me to leave. She walked away and
went into the bathroom locking the door behind her. I just
sat there wondering if I should leave or try to get laid
again. I got up and checked her refrigerator. She had a
six pack in there so I grabbed a beer. I sat on the couch
for about 10 minutes and heard the shower go off. A couple
of minutes later Jen came out of the bathroom. She got
real pissed off when she saw me still there and told me to
get the fuck out of her house or I’d be sorry. She was
wearing the same bathrobe and it had swung open, exposing
her thighs almost to her crotch. I started getting more
exited looking at her soft, milky white flesh. I was more
determined than ever to have another go round with her. I
got up and pulled her down onto the couch. She cried out
in protest which was starting to excite me even more. I
roughly pulled her robe up over her head and pulled in on
her waist as I pushed down on her upper back positioning
myself behind her. She was now in the “doggie” position
and fighting like hell. I pulled the bathrobe all the way
over her from behind so that it covered her head and
flailing arms. She was lying on the side of her face, her
arms entangled in the robe now. My arm was around her
waist pulling upward so those round mellons were
invitingly in the air. I could see her red, swollen
asshole now. It was puffy and much redder than it normally
would be. Looking at that tight, swollen little orifice
made me get extremely excited. I spit on one of my fingers
and shoved it against her swollen bud. She cried out in
pain and tried to get up. I grabbed her roughly by the
hair and forced her face into the cushion on the couch. I
smacked her ass as hard as I could, stinging my own hand.
She cried out and then started to sob. I backhanded her
across the ass again and she started to cry. I spit into
my hand and smeared it over the head of my now raging
cock. I spit onto my fingers and shoved them against her
swollen asshole to get it lubricated ready for my
intrusion. Red welts had formed where I smacked her ass.
Jen jumped when I shoved my fingers against the entrance
of her anal entry and cried out painfully. This made me
more exited and I roughly shoved the purple head of my
cock against that unyielding passageway. I pulled her
against me as I thrust forward and her sphincter gave in
to the force of the weapon I yielded. I watched my cock,
now fully lubricated with the mucus from her back door,
slip easily back and forth inside her. Jen made little
whimpering sounds while I thrust in and out of her. I
leaned over her and slid two fingers into her shaved cunt
while I roughly handled her small, firm tits with my other
hand. I was getting ready to ejaculate into her deepest
recesses. The thought of forcing my cock as far up inside
her as I could when I was ready to cum excited me. I sat
up to take a final look at my cock slipping easily in and
out of her and could see trickles of blood from her abused
asshole running down my cock. As the cum welled up in my
balls I started slamming into Jen. She raised herself up
on her hands and started to moan. As I shot my load I
slammed my battering ram into Jen as far as I could. I
held it there until the spastic contractions of my cumming
cock subsided. Again I started slamming in and out of that
swollen, bloody bung hole to milk the last drops of cum
from my still rigid tool. Jen was moaning and moving to
meet my thrusts. I reached to her cunt and started
massaging her clit between my thumb and forefinger. Jen
cried out blissfully as she reached orgasm. I withdrew my
cock from her bloody, swollen asshole. I turned her over
on her back and, starting from her neck, kissed her gently
and slowly, reaching her nipples, I gently sucked and
caressed them. Continuing downward I finally reached her
sweet, shaven mound. I ran my tongue gently over her clit
and took it into my mouth. I slowly slid my finger in and
out of that sweet love tunnel as I continued to tongue her
love button. I ran my hand over her firm little tits and
she moaned softly. She started to tremble and I licked her
clit faster. Her body started to writhe as she approached
climax. She stiffend as she reached orgasm. She shudderd a
few times and then laid quietly back on the couch. I put
my tongue between her soft cunt lips and lapped up her
love juices, savoring the fragrance and taste of her. She
laid there quietly for a few minutes and then softly asked
me to leave.

I haven’t seen Jen since that night. I’ve been told that
she doesn’t dance anymore. Maybe tonight I’ll take a ride
by her house………….