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Wild Sex Orgy
Then they began kissing my nipples, and running their tongues across my
belly and into my belly button. Their tongues met on the tip of my pe-
nis as they were kissing the shaft on each side at the same time. (Two
tongues on my cock at the same time, and then an alternate seesaw
battle taking turns sucking and engulfing it) And always not being
able to more than guess where their hands were.

I moved over to the side of the bed for a short break. Jan wasn’t
ready to rest, though. She began kissing Sally’s breasts, and in no
time, she was getting hot again. I had turned on a bathroom light in
the meantime, and now I could just barely make out the two figures next
to me. Jan began to inch down, constantly licking Jan’s belly with her
tongue and beginning to lick her thighs. Maybe it was the pot or maybe
it was the electricity, but Jan’s knees came apart as Sally lied down
between her legs, and caressed her crotch with her tongue. Jan’s hands
went to her head, and immediately her tongue was inside. She reached
over and held me with one hand while Jan writhed to another climax.

Wild Gangbang Party

gangbang orgy pictures
Minutes later, as I stepped refreshed out of the shower, Diane met me with a
cool glass of sherry for each of us. “Darling, I’m so happy you like my sur-
prise! Let’s hope you will like Peter and that he will like you.. too!” She
brought her face up to my lips and I kissed her super carefully, now wanting
to displace a hair or even to smudge her beautiful lipstick, so skillfully
and sensually applied. A wave of desire came over me as I thought of this
wonderful woman who always treats me so honestly and who tells me all her
innermost passionate thoughts. The hypnotic effect of Diane’s perfume “Red”
by Giorgio of Beverly Hills, again swept through my nostrils and down to my
toes, melting the strength of my legs. We clinked our wine glasses lightly,
downed our sherry, then I went to my closet and selected a casual but very
nice outfit for our meeting with Peter. Diane stood watching me in every
detail, probably thinking about how Peter and I would look sans clothing
later in the evening. I loved the look of anticipation and the soft smile
of happiness suffusing her cheeks and lips as I dressed.

Now, just arrived at the Westin parking lot, I asked Diane, “Everything
okay with you, dear?” “Oh, yes, darling. Let’s have a drink and see how
you two size each other up!” “Okay.. here we go!”

In the bar, Diane immediately recognized the young man. Medium tall, with
light blonde hair and handsome, cleancut, Peter Neil looked relaxed and
not overly nervous as he watched us approach his table.”Hi, Peter,”said
Diane. “This is my husband, Jerry.” “Glad to meet you, Jerry. It is really
nice of you to meet me here. I just finished my last class of the afternoon
and have lots of time.” “I’m glad to meet you, Peter. This is a surprise
from Diane to me. Now that I see you, I can see why she answered you ad
and why she enjoyed having lunch with you yesterday. We ordered our drinks,
and talked small talk for several minutes more. Glancing over at Diane, seeing
her total comfort in both looking at Peter and in talking freely and not stiff-
ly with him, I winked at Diane (my approval signal) and she winked happily
back at me. In a few more minutes I invited Peter to drive following us to
our place. We paid the waitress and made our way to our separate cars.. it
was nice to see Peter driving a Volkswagen Golf, very neat and conservative –
also very clean inside and out. That reassured me that here was a nice student
with more than average class and sensitivity. Peter continued to act naturally,
with respect for us both, but not an uncomfortable feeling apparent about the
difference in our ages.
All the way home as we drove in our car towards chez nous, Diane kept lean-
ing over to me, kissing me on the cheek, touching my thigh lightly, nervously
showing me how she was feeling. I was excited, but also relaxed, feeling
confident that Diane had chosen a winning young man to have fun with, safely.
We arrived first and had time to fix a light drink for us before Peter knocke
d on our front door. Diane rose from the sofa to let him in. She took his hand
but in every other way acted as if she were formally inviting a longtime
friend into our house. I handed Peter his drink and he took a seat on the
sofa, next to our hi-fi at one end. I went over to our record cabinet and
returned with a record featuring Diane as a solo flutist with a local pop
group.. her first foray into studio pop recording. We showed Peter the jacket
of the record and where Diane’s name appeared. He was very pleased, asking if
we would play it for him. So, that broke the (very thin) ice.. and Diane
moved to sit between Peter and me as we listened.
Peter complimented Diane on her nice tone quality and showed us that he
really appreciated the style of the group playing. We drank and chatted
easily for some time, then put on a more romantic soft easy listening record.
Diane, again sitting between us, reached over to her left and just held
Peter’s hand. A moment later, she leaned over to him easily and kissed him
tentatively on the mouth. Peter responded so thankfully, bringing his arms
fully around Diane, kissing her neck and lightly touching her shoulders as
they embraced. Diane, reaching out her right hand, teasingly pulled out my
shirt at its bottom! I had free access to Diane who was so sensually busy, so
I began unbuttoning Diane’s dress, top, second, third, fourth, fith.. down
her front, teasingly exposing to Peter’s look her sexy push up bra, pretty
green garter belt with its tabs attached to lusciously sheer sandal colored
stockings! I undid each of her garters next, then rolled down one stocking and
then the other, removing Diane’s shoes as I reached her feet. She was sighing
and moaning, and I could already see how turned on she was getting. Diane had
now unzipped Peter’s pants zipper and was rubbing his erect cock through his
underpants. When I finished removing her stockings and shoes and fully spread
open Diane’s dress, she appealed to us both in sheerly transparent panties,
garter belt and bra. The two of us helped Diane out of her cocktail dress,
and she kissed me through this, mingling my saliva with hers and that of Peter’
s she still was holding in her mouth. Peter moved around to kneel on the floor
–almost in reverence — staring up at Diane’s beautiful mound, visible with
her red cunt hair showing through her already damp panties. Peter reached up
and pulled aside the crotch! Now, he could see in real life what the picture
she had sent him had showed him about the sexual promise waiting between her
legs for his lust! Peter first reached up, licking his finger, and drew a line
from Diane’s clitoris down to her perineum, smoothly, slowly, lovingly.. she
let out a gasp of delight. Diane reached down and grasped Peter’s head, pul-
ling him eagerly to her pussy. He pulled off her panties with her full assis-ta
nce and began to eat her out with full abandon. I left them for a few minutes
to retrieve my Polaroid camera (!) I was going to have a record of this.
When I returned, Diane and Peter were lying together full length on our sofa,
his pants were only half off, and he was trying to slide his rampant charger
into her waiting quim… red, wet, hot and now gaping with outer lips fully
engorged and parting… I mercifully pullled Peter’s pants the rest of the
way off, helped him take off his underpants and lightly tapped his rump, giving
him the okay goahead to screw Diane to his heart’s delight. At first Peter said
“No pictures.” But Diane asked him if it was alright. She told Peter that she
would love (!) to have a picture of his happy love making with her.. that con-
vinced Peter and he said, fine! I snapped the two of them with Peter plunging
so beautifully into Diane’s receiving and enjoying cunt and as Peter had both
his hands under Diane’s ass cheeks, holding them widely apart as they took
their wonderful pleasure with each other. I moved to the head of the sofa and
took a second wonderful shot of their kiss… totally abandoned, French kissing
with all four of their eyes tighty closed in ecstasy! These are some of our
very favorite photos now, as we look back with pleasure on the joys of this
night. As we progressed, Diane came several times with total happiness and
great sounds of satisfaction. I took over and fucked Diane while Peter kissed
her, played with her boobs and when he recovered his erection – eagerly put
his penis back in Diane’s mouth.. she was now getting fucked from two of her
three love orifices! We took a break, then went to the floor for mutual play,
oral sex of every kind, cocks, cunt, assholes.. we put Diane on her tummy..
then both Peter and I licked her ass all around her two beautiful globes,
nearer and nearer to her puckered little brown anal hole. Then, we each took
turns placing finger, then tongue.. then Peter’s finger and his tongue into
Diane’s rear entry sheath.. until she cried out… “Please, take me now,
Peter in my rear and Jerry in my pussy!” We moved to please her every desire.
And, later, after we were completely spent and happily lying together, Diane
said. “This has been a simply wonderful time. Thank you, Peter and thank you,
so much, Jerry.. for this wonderful wonderful evening!”.. A night to really
savor and recall…

Sexy Coed Threesome

Wild College Threesome
My wife Diane and I had enjoyed the beautiful expansion of our sensual lives
made possible by our sensitive and handsome friend, Dave Ellin. It evidently
awakened feelings in Diane that neither of us realized she owned..

Some weeks after our bedroom romp with Dave, Diane and me, my wife met me
at the door as I arrived home, saying, “I’ve a surprise for you, honey!”
She was wearing a really cute coctail dress with her favorite perfume applied
just enough to send my senses reeling as I took her in my arms and fervently
embrace her. “Diane, you look ravishingly beautiful tonight! Are we going out
for dinner and dancing?” “No, honey. That isn’t my surprise. It’s up to you
but, first lets sit down so I can explain for you.”

“I bought a swingers magazine two weeks ago.. I read the ads hoping to find a
single young male interested in having a light, sensual evening with a couple!
I had so much fun with you and David.. he said he didn’t want to meet us again
because he wants to spend more time with Maryel, his wife in trying to patch up
their marriage. I’ve long dreamed of making out with a younger man, showing him
the way to be patient and really enjoy making love with a woman. I never had
the opportunity when I was dating in high school or college.. the guys were
all too eager then, all fumbles and anxiety to slam bam thank you maam. You
were the first man to really draw my most innermost feelings out of me in so
perfect way. You are completely unique in the way you turn me on and pleasure
me, so don’t ever worry that you are not “enough” for me.. you always are my
favorite! So, I checked all the ads. I found one which intrigued me. It was
from a guy who said he has been studying so hard in college that he has dated
very little and that he is quite shy and finds it hard to start conversations
with women. Jerry, I wrote to him! The ad said, “Please send photo.” I sent him
that one you took of me with your Polaroid, where I had one leg up on a chair –
and had pulled up my dress to show my thin pale green panties – you had asked
me to pull aside the crotch of my panties to show my red pubic hair and cunny!”

“Diane, that was pretty bold of you, writing to a stranger and enclosing so
risque a shot!! It is one of my favorites of you though and you sure look
appealing and interested!! Did you get an answer?” “Yes.. within a week! And,
I didn’t tell you about it when I read his reply because I felt so good about
being able to “accept him” – and I wanted this to be a surprise which you could
either accept or turn down, and I would be okay; his name is Peter Neil, honey,
and he writes very intelligently in neat handwriting, as carefully as you do.
Here, read his letter now.” I took the letter from Diane’s hand with a sense
of excitement (if she already felt able to “accept” Peter on the strength of
this letter! “Dear Ms. ‘loves young men’ – I was so happy to recieve your nice
response to my ad in the Companions magazine, issue No. 27. I hope you will be
interested in loving with me! I have very little experience with women, but I
was entranced with the gorgeous photo you included with your letter! I look at
it each night, wishing that I could see the real you, even in fully clothed
dress, to meet you. You look so kind and yet very sensual. When I lie in bed
at night and am feeling very horny, I take your photo and yearn to touch you
as I pleasure myself happily. If you would like to consider meeting me, you
can telephone me at 736-2587 and leave a message or speak with me. My name
is Peter Neil. Thank you again for your great letter; I hope we can meet soon.
Yours, Peter”.. “Did you call him, honey,” I asked Diane. “YES! And he suggest-
ed that we meet in a safe place so I would not be frightened of talking with
a stranger. We met yesterday at the Four Seasons hotel coffee shop, and had
lunch together.” “Well, Diane! You are all dressed up tonight. Does your sur-
prise include Peter and maybe me?” “You guessed it, darling! I have only to
dial his number, Jer. He is waiting to hear if “it” is on or not for this eve-
ning!” “Call him, and suggest that we meet him at the Westin Hotel bar at 7;
then, after we all have a drink together, I can wink to you my approval or
shut both eyes for a couple seconds if I don’t want to have him come to our
place. Sound okay??” “Great idea, honey! I’ll call Peter now.” Off Diane went,
a huge happy smile on her beautifully madeup face! In a few minutes, she
returned and said, “Peter likes the idea and will meet us at the Westin right
at 7 p.m.” “Okay,” I said.”I’ll run upstairs and shower and change clothes.”

Wild Orgasm at Party

Wild orgasm at party
Suddenly, she reached for my zipper. “Why don’t you help Dean take
my sweater off,” she said to Marty, as she dropped again to her
knees, this time in front of me. “I’d hate to get cum stains on
it.” She smiled coyly again. I didn’t come as quickly as Marty
had. When I did, though, she took my prick out of her mouth before
I’d finished, and directed the last hot spurts to her breasts.
That triggered her own orgasm (it was a quirk of hers that I, of
course, knew about, that when she was really highly aroused, she
could sometimes climax merely at the touch of hot semen on her
breasts) and she screamed. Fortunately, the jukebox outside the
door was loud enough that no one could hear.

Coed cocksucker

college cocksucker
Slowly, she ran her tongue up the shaft of his now very hard tool.
“Tell him what a good cocksucker I am.” With that, she engulfed
him again, reaching out one hand to grab my hand. She placed it on
the back of her head and then reached for Marty’s to place it on
her head, too. He groaned.

I shoved her head down on him, and he soon had taken over, holding
her head in both hands, pushing his prick down her throat. In
seconds, he was bucking and humping her face as he filled her mouth
with semen.She intentionally held on to his prick with her lips
while she let some of the cum drip down her chin. All the while,
he’d said nothing but “oh,” “wow,” and “Lisa.”

She swallowed, looked coyly up at him, and said, “Happy Birthday,
Marty.” Then she looked at me and said, “I’m glad you didn’t go,
but you didn’t tell him what a good cocksucker I am, so I’ll have
to show him how wet I get when I have a hard prick in my mouth.”
She took his hand then, and pulled it under her skirt. I knew then
that she’d probably removed her panties earlier, when she’d gone to
the ladies’ room in the restaurant. “Sometimes it makes me so
excited that I come,” she said, “but poor Marty came too fast . .
. this time.” She smiled.

College Party

College Party
Playing the wide-eyed innocent, she looked back at me and asked,
“Do you want me on my knees now?”

“I think that would be appropriate,” I responded.

Marty was taken utterly by surprise (as I mentioned, I was known as
a rather conservative sort), but he was quick to understand the
situation. Lisa knelt before him and began to open the zipper on
his jeans. To her pleasant surprise, Marty wasn’t wearing
underwear, and his nearly erect prick was suddenly at her eye
level. As she wrapped her lips around it, she gazed into *my*
eyes, to show me how pleased (and excited) she was. I started to
open the door to leave them, but she reached out a hand and pushed
it back closed. “Stay,” she said, “there’s nothing you can’t see.”
Marty could only say, “oh.”

Wild orgy

Wild orgy
When we knocked on the door to the office, Marty let us in and
locked the door behind us; he was just rolling himself a joint, as
it happened. We passed it around and chatted, and I rolled
another. As we smoked, I could catch him stealing glances at Lisa,
and I could see why. Her nipples were erect, and she had that
moist-eyed glaze of excitement that was due to more than just the

By then, the liquor, the earlier teasing conversation with Lisa,
the smoke, and her evident arousal had numbed my own inhibitions
and misgivings thoroughly. I mentioned Marty’s birthday and told
him that I’d been trying to think of a gift; he said it wasn’t
necessary, but I wouldn’t accept that. Lisa shot me a glance that
told me she was more than eager, so I told Marty that we’d finally
decided upon a truly memorable present. At that point, I looked
pointedly at Lisa and touched her shoulder.

Party Night Orgy

Party Night Orgy
As a result, by the time we arrived at the bar, we were both at a
high pitch. It wasn’t very late, but it was a fairly slow night at
the bar. We had a drink or two and flirted quietly with each
other. Finally, Lisa asked if I’d thought about Marty’s gift.

Half bluffing (it was tough to tell, even long afterward, whether
I’d been bluffing or not; the wine had fuzzed my inhibitions by
then), I said I thought it might be a good idea. She suggested
then that we visit Marty in the office. “You can decide later,” she
said, “and let me know what you want me to do. There’s no
pressure. I’d be willing to leave it a fantasy.”

Lisa was good at putting me at ease. She had a kind of wisdom, as
well as an electric sexuality, that allowed her to always make me
feel unpressured. At the same time, of course, she aroused my
imagination in ways that made me able to consider what might
otherwise have been unthinkable.

Sex Party Pictures

Sex Orgy Pictures
That was her way. And there was always a smirk that said she would
just as soon take the situation a step further. In this case, she
speculated on whether she ought to take him the waiter into the
ladies’ room. I wasn’t overly concerned that she would, though.
I could tell when she was just toying with an idea, or with me.
Not that she wasn’t capable of it — she was quite capable — but
her goal on this occasion was to stoke her own excitement so as to
arouse me. And she was succeeding. There’s no aphrodisiac like
your partner’s excitement. It was a ‘feedback loop’ we’d perfected
over the years.

Sex At Party

Sex At Party
One night, Lisa and I had been out to dinner and we stopped by
Mario’s afterward. Marty was there — he was always there on a
Saturday night — and Angie was behind the bar. At dinner, I’d
mentioned to Lisa that it had been Marty’s birthday the day before
and that I wanted to drop in to buy him a birthday drink. She got
that look in her eyes and asked coyly whether I wouldn’t care to
give him a present he wouldn’t forget.

I knew what she meant, of course. I said, “Maybe. We’ll see.” I
only half meant it. I could tease as well as be teased, after all.

Crazy Sexual Orgy

Crazy Sexual Orgy
Here is how it all started:

Once inside you’d find five
or ten regulars, most of them growing fuzzy with the hour as well
as with the various substances they’d been ingesting all night.
“Mellow” was the right word.
Marty was a good-looking guy, with the sort of looks that Lisa was
particularly partial to (a very different “type” from me), and I’d
often noticed her looking at him with a clearly erotic curiosity;
Marty looked at every attractive woman with a frank “I think it’d be
fun to fuck you” look. On occasion, just to make sure I’d caught
it, Lisa would point out to me his looks at her. “Do you think
Marty wants to fuck me?” she’d ask, “He never would because he’s
your friend, but I think he wants to.”

College Orgies

College Wild Orgy
The regulars might as easily found behind the bar as at it. If
someone hadn’t shown up for work or if whoever was tending bar had
to make a phone call, a customer often stepped into the breach.
Marty trusted several of us, and no one ever gave him reason not

When Marty was there, the backroom office was nearly as busy a place
as the bar, with softball schedules and strategies being planned,
or picnics, or chats. The door was never unlocked, though. Too
often, Marty and someone would be in there smoking a joint, and we
*were* careful about that.

If you’ve known any bar or nightclub owners, you know that it’s
common practice for them to visit other similar stablishments. It
seems just to be part of the culture. I used to take Lisa to
Mario’s (no one had any idea who Mario was — the place had been
named that when Marty bought it, from a guy named Dave — the origin
of the name was lost in time) fairly frequently. Often, we’d stop
in there after she’d closed her place up for the night. Mario’s
was usually open to regulars well “after hours.” Only the small
reading lamps behind the bar, over the bottles and the till, would
be on, so as not to advertise its status, but if you knocked and if
they knew you, they’d open the door.

College Wild Party

Wild Sex Party
I was, at that time in my life, “hanging out” at a neighborhood
bar; it was, in many ways, a lot like “Cheers.” Everyone knew your
name, and the “regulars” (of whom I was one) were a bit like
family. Nearly every male customer had slept with at least one of
the barmaids at one time or another, and each of the barmaids had
slept with a number of the guys. It was a casual, friendly sort of
place, without jealousies and — among the regulars, at least — no
tensions; we all knew each others’ faults too well to get upset
with each other. We had a softball team, played endless games of
Pac-man and pinball, celebrated each others’ birthdays, lent the
needier among us money from time to time, smoked incredible amounts
of grass, and — of course — drank ourselves into oblivion
occasionally. We were a mixed bunch: a few minor executives, a
couple of construction workers, a few nondescript ‘white-collar
workers,’ a few cops, a bookmaker or two, a medical editor, a
couple of cab drivers, and a couple of people who ‘lived by their

Sexy College Party

Sexy College Party
Some of the things she told me, always in a teasing sort of way
(she’s great at teasing), were hard to believe; they were almost
always a turn-on, though. Among other things, nothing turned her
on like the notion of a strange prick (“prick’ was her word — I’ve
always thought it a silly word, but since it’s what she used, I’ll
use it here). She loved strangers, especially teenage boys (she
was in her mid-thirties at the time), she said. And often more
than one at a time. She also liked women occasionally, but she
never felt as powerful, she said, as when she was on her knees with
two or three or four eager pricks vying for her mouth.

“Wouldn’t I like to see that?” she often asked as we were making
love. I wasn’t so sure. My ambivalence was composed of about
equal parts jealousy and insecurity and prurience. Our
relationship had become, over time, a deeply emotional one.
Her wisdom lay in not pressing the point; she kept tantalizing me
with stories of some of her bolder past sexual escapades and, at
the same time, reassuring me that it was neither necessary to
participate in anything similar nor to hear about them. Still, her
evident excitement as she related such stories to me was a
significant aphrodisiac for her, and that, in turn, had a strongly
stimulating effect on me.

College Wild Parties

College Wild Parties
I also ignored her increasingly less oblique hints that any
advances I cared to make would not be unwelcomed. Still, I had by
now become a friend of both of theirs. I played dense when the
flirtation got too “real.” That had changed one night, though
(but that’s another story, for another time), and Lisa and I had
been having a steady, if irregular, sexual relationship for a
couple of years. I was not her first (nor her only) partner
outside her marriage. In fact, Lisa was more than moderately
active. And her sexual experience was far broader than mine.

Group Sex Pictures

Groupsex Pictures
Not that I hadn’t been attracted to her from the first time I’d
walked into the place — there was something subtly but powerfully
sexual about her. She wasn’t gorgeous, though few would fail to
call her attractive, and she had very long, very red hair. But it
wasn’t that; there was something else, an aura. Maybe it was the
flashing, slightly amused look that was always present just behind
her eyes. At any rate, I was aware of the chemistry from the
outset. I was also, however, an extremely discreet and fairly
conservative man, and I ignored my reactions to her.

College Wild Partie

College Wild Partie
Sally climbed on top and I guided Jan to sit down behind her. Jan
reached around and held Sally’s breast with one hand and her pussy with
the other while she pressed her breasts against Sally’s back. She had
me deep inside her and I could feel Jan’s finger occasionally drop down
and squeeze the base of my hard cock. Sally was coming already, and we
squealed with her. She had never had anything like this happen to her
before, and I found out later how many times we would repeat the same
wonderful “trip”.

Sorority Sisters from College Wild Parties

Sucktastic Sorority Sister

College Wild Parties Episode 107
Talk about a cheap lesbo date!
All it takes is a several 6 beers for this girl to forget all about her boyfriend and her morals. Cum to our favorite party and you can catch a glimpse of her pantyless twat as she shakes her fine round ass to the music and out of her skirt until she’s doin’ the bump and having sex with a total stranger right next to our pool. The ticket to this party is free, but we suggest you to join the whole orld of parties for only 4.95

College Wild Parties Group Sex

College Wild Parties Episode 106
While hanging out by the pool someone threatened to throw Bella in, but she admitted to already being wet enough. Hearing her say that caused stud Sasha to pull out his German sausage.

Oh to be young again. I was worn out. So much so that I fell asleep.

When I woke up again, I looked at my watch and found it was around 4 in the morning. I quickly nipped out in the garden for a pee (I couldn’t use the toilet). Once back in, I went into the main living room and sat on the settee.

The house was stone quiet. I could hear nothing or could I? I slowly got up and crept to the bottom of the stairs and listened. Yes, I could definitely hear something. As quietly as I could, I stepped up the stairs. There, I could hear something coming from the spare bedroom.

As quiet as a mouse, I crept up and listened at the bedroom door, and to an orgy of groans and the bed protesting at the humping that the boy was giving his mother. I stood for ages until frozen, but they still carried on kissing, whispering, screwing and sucking. When I left them to it, desperate to get my own end away for the third time that day (haven’t done that for a long time), they were in the middle of another good strenuous fuck. At times I heard Pushpa giggle loudly, and once give an ‘ouch’ and reprimanded Ravi for biting her nipples too hard.

After my third cum, I decided it was better to get a room in the hotel down the road for the rest of the night.

The next morning, I arrived at my house around noon. Pushpa was there waiting for me (I had called her in advance). She did look tired, her hair was dishevelled as if she had just got up. I told her that my meeting had finished early but I had to go back to the office for the rest of the day and had only come back to wash and change.

“We are not seeing much of you this visit.” said Pushpa.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “you know what work is like. Besides you got Ravi for company.”

I saw Pushpa blush and behind me I got the distinct impression that Ravi was smiling.

After I has washed and changed, I left them at the front door, got into my car and headed off to the country for the day (well it was my day off).

I wondered how long before they would get started again? Not too long, judging by the look on Ravi’s face.

But I did not wonder when I heard two months later that Pushpa was pregnant with her first child by her son/husband Ravi.

I just thank God I don’t have a son though I wonder if my wife would have appreciated it if we had. With sons like that, why would wives need husbands?

Lucky for him Bella was at the party studying to become a professional cocksucker. Cum, cool off and watch Bella give Sasha’s long hard soldier a bilingual lesson then share some carnal knowledge with crowd by the pool.

College Wild Parties Episode 106