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orgy sex party As we drove to the liquer store Ginny and Karla chatted idly, and I was
just content to watch Ginny’s legs shifting around as Karla moved on
the seat. It was going to be a really hot night if Karla’s instincts
were right about this poor guy’s wife. I might add Karla has a pretty
good percentage of picking up women and getting them to bed.

The drive back home was uneventful, until we got into the parking lot.

“Bill”, Ginny and I will let you be a gentleman and open the door for
your two ladies of the evening…okay??”

“Sure honey”, I answered….wondering what my wife had in mind now. She
was usually out of the car before me.

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“Oh Bill, I love you baby”. You get the greatest ideas, no wonder we
get along so great”.

And with that, Karla was at the bar, ordering the drinks. My wife was
some sly fox. As she was waiting for the drinks, she accidently dropped
a bar napkin on the woman’s lap.

“Oh I’m sorry, so clumsy of me”. she told the lady.

“Oh….that’s all right Miss…..I’m a little drunk and still thirsty
but the bartender won’t serve me anymore’, the woman replied.

“Oh what a shame”, Karla said as she put her hand on the other woman’s
shoulder, “would you like one of these manhattans I’m getting?” “You
could come back to the table with my huband and me, and the bartender
will never know”.

“Really, you wouldn’t mind?”, the woman replied.

“Sure, let me help you over to the table……aah what was your name?”
Karla asked as I watched her very secretly let her hand fall from the
woman’s shoulder and lightly feel her breast as she did.

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Now Karla, my wife of ten years is one hell of a good looking woman and
enjoys sex with men and women alike. Well we had been drinking most of the
day, when we decided to go to the bar across from our motel.

As our eyes became adjusted to the dim light, Karla was the one that
first noticed Ginny sitting alone at the bar. She was plainly dressed
in a blue blouse, white skirt, and matching white heels. When I turned
to see why Karla was so interested I saw that this woman’s skirt was
hiked up well above her knees and about half way up her thighs, in other
words she was showing a hell of alot of leg. Karla and I also both noticed
that she seemed a little drunk, seeming to lose her balance now and then
while sitting on the bar stool.

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I looked up, too startled to speak. Robert was sitting at the foot of the
bed watching us. From the smile on his face, I could tell he liked what he saw.
“Don’t mind me,” he said. “I just came up to say good-night.” I was about to
protest when Gary pushed me back down on the bed. My legs were still spread,
and before I could close them, he was slipping my panties off. I could tell I
was in for the night of my life!
While Robert watched, Gary began to finger-fuck me. Gently, he put his
middle finger inside my pussy and brushed my G-spot. A second finger followed,
then another one after that. In no time, he had four fingers inside me and
was using his thumb to stroke my clit. Needless to say, all this attention was
driving me crazy!

Wild Orgasm at Party

Wild orgasm at party
Suddenly, she reached for my zipper. “Why don’t you help Dean take
my sweater off,” she said to Marty, as she dropped again to her
knees, this time in front of me. “I’d hate to get cum stains on
it.” She smiled coyly again. I didn’t come as quickly as Marty
had. When I did, though, she took my prick out of her mouth before
I’d finished, and directed the last hot spurts to her breasts.
That triggered her own orgasm (it was a quirk of hers that I, of
course, knew about, that when she was really highly aroused, she
could sometimes climax merely at the touch of hot semen on her
breasts) and she screamed. Fortunately, the jukebox outside the
door was loud enough that no one could hear.

Nightclub Threesome

Although Lisa was married, we’d been seeing each other for some
time. “Seeing each other” might not be the most accurate
description, actually. It was an odd relationship, and it had
started oddly.

Lisa and her husband owned a restaurant/nightclub in my
neighborhood; I’d first wandered in there shortly after they’d
opened the place, and I soon became a “regular.” Regular enough
that, on occasion when the Maitre d’ hadn’t arrived, Lisa would
ask me help out, seating guests, etc. Or Stan, her husband, might
ask me if I’d run out to a supermarket when the kitchen suddenly
found they’d run out of some vital item. I sometimes helped them
close up, or on a slow night, might help out in the office, running
spreadsheets, or laying out a menu or promotional mailing (I was
far more computer-literate than they, and a far better editor,
although Lisa was trained as a graphic artist.) In fact, it was
that sort of collaboration that probably led to our first