Breats fucking

“Your turn,” I said, spreading my legs. “You don’t mind doing it again in
front of my husband, do you?” I knew he could see the mixture of his and Gary’s
cum dripping from my hot pussy. Robert just smiled. “Your wife has fantastic
breasts,” he said, looking at Gary. “I’d love to fuck them.”
“Go ahead,” Gary replied. “I bet she’d like that.”
He was right. Lying on my back, I watched Robert straddle my chest. He
slipped his cock between my breasts and I squeezed them together. I tilted my
head forward so that I could watch him fuck my breasts. The mixture of his cum
and mine still coated his cock and gave it plenty of lubrication. Each stroke
started in the middle of my chest and wound up just under my chin. Opening my
mouth, I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue. He closed his eyes and
We kept this up for several minutes. I could tell he wanted to cum, but he
was holding back for my sake. He kept fucking my breasts, working himself into
a frenzy. I took his cock in my mouth each time it came near my face.