Blowjob Orgy

orgy sex party As we drove to the liquer store Ginny and Karla chatted idly, and I was
just content to watch Ginny’s legs shifting around as Karla moved on
the seat. It was going to be a really hot night if Karla’s instincts
were right about this poor guy’s wife. I might add Karla has a pretty
good percentage of picking up women and getting them to bed.

The drive back home was uneventful, until we got into the parking lot.

“Bill”, Ginny and I will let you be a gentleman and open the door for
your two ladies of the evening…okay??”

“Sure honey”, I answered….wondering what my wife had in mind now. She
was usually out of the car before me.

Hardcore party

college sex partyhardcore party
We ate dinner and made small talk. It turned out that Robert and I had
something in common – besides Gary, I mean. We were both hoping to become
“Small world,” Gary said, getting up. “Why don’t you two go ahead and
order dessert? I’ll be right back.”
When Gary was gone, Robert leaned toward me. “You look fantastic,” he
whispered. “If Gary weren’t my best friend…”
That was just the start. After dinner we skipped the theater and went
straight to a nightclub. I took turns dancing with my husband and his best
friend. It was such a turn-on dancing with Robert and rubbing up against him
whenever Gary wasn’t looking. But no matter how many times I asked, Robert
refused to slow-dance with me. “You belong to Gary,” was all he’d say.

Club Gangbang

Are you as into groupsex and partying hardcore as I am? If yes, you will enjoy this story 😉

Two of my buddies and I were at the local Go-Go bar
checking out the action after a long, hard day walking the
steel in 95 degree weather. We were throwing down some
cold ones watching this long, lanky blonde strutting her
stuff. She had a great ass and legs but didn’t have much
in the way of tits. I motioned to her to come over and
held up a dollar bill. She headed our way, dancing, never
missing a beat, while giving us a sultry smile and running
her tongue over her lips. When she reached me I started
talking to her, asking her what her name was and all that
idle chat bullshit. Her name was Jen, short for Jennifer
she told me. Continue reading Club Gangbang