Pussy pounder

With that Gary stretched out flat on his back and pointed to his cock. It
was standing straight up in the air and I knew exactly what he wanted me to do
with it. Spreading my legs, I climbed on top of him. I held my breath as he
grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto his stiff cock. My pussy was well
lubricated with all of Robert’s cum, and Gary’s cock slid in easily. Instantly,
waves of pleasure raced through my body. Gary was right – this was what I liked
While Gary fucked me, Robert fondled my breasts. He ran his fingers all
over them, drawing little circles around my nipples. Every now and then, he
leaned forward and took one of them in his mouth. All of this was more than I
could stand – I had to cum. Grabbing Robert’s hand, I made him stroke my clit
while I slid up and down on Gary’s cock. I could feel a familiar pressure
building between my legs and the great electric rush that comes right before
Just then Gary came, shooting his load deep inside my pussy. I threw my
head back and screamed, experiencing one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever
felt. It seemed to last all night. When the ecstasy finally subsided, I fell
back onto the bed.

Nightclub Threesome

Although Lisa was married, we’d been seeing each other for some
time. “Seeing each other” might not be the most accurate
description, actually. It was an odd relationship, and it had
started oddly.

Lisa and her husband owned a restaurant/nightclub in my
neighborhood; I’d first wandered in there shortly after they’d
opened the place, and I soon became a “regular.” Regular enough
that, on occasion when the Maitre d’ hadn’t arrived, Lisa would
ask me help out, seating guests, etc. Or Stan, her husband, might
ask me if I’d run out to a supermarket when the kitchen suddenly
found they’d run out of some vital item. I sometimes helped them
close up, or on a slow night, might help out in the office, running
spreadsheets, or laying out a menu or promotional mailing (I was
far more computer-literate than they, and a far better editor,
although Lisa was trained as a graphic artist.) In fact, it was
that sort of collaboration that probably led to our first

College Wild Parties Friday Fuck Fest

Friday Fuck Fest
Various girs aged 21+
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Wild Groupsex Party

College Wild Group Sex
I had come home from an out-of-town consulting trip, weary of travelling
and looking forward to a quiet evening at home with my wife. My drive home
from the airport was long and uneventful, and only served to further tire an
already tired body. I was sincerely looking forward only to a good night’s

When I arrived home I was in for a most pleasant shock. I pulled into
the garage and went to the front door as usual, my luggage in hand. To my
surprise, I was greeted there by my nude wife, Shiela, and by an even bigger
surprise inside.

We belong to a nudist society, and have enjoyed it for a number of years
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