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“Whose the woman at the end of the bar?”, I asked the cocktail waitress
as she brought us the drinks I ordered.

“You must mean Virginia”, she said “Poor lady’s husband is off to some
foreign land, he’s in the military and has been gone for almost four
months now”, she continued. “She spends alot of time in here, I guess
to make the time go by faster”. “She’s been in here since this morning
and the bartender won’t serve her anymore, as she’s pretty looped”. She’s
been drinking Manhattans all day long.”

“Thanks for the info”, I told her and gave her an extra large tip.

“Does she make you hot, Bill”, my wife asked me.

Sex and booze at college

sex and boozeWith that, he took my hand and led me upstairs. We got straight into bed,
not even bothering to undress. I was so horny I just wanted to rip Gary’s
clothes off and climb onto his cock.
“Not so fast,” Gary said, grabbing my hands. “Let’s take our time.” As he
spoke he pushed me back onto the bed and began to kiss me. Closing my eyes,
I gave him everything I had. I took his tongue into my mouth and began to
suck on it like a cock. In return his hands brushed across my breasts, gently
stroking my nipples.
I was desperate to fuck and he knew it. Little by little he slid his hands
across my body, feeling every inch of me. By the time he got to my pussy, I was
on fire. Spreading my legs as wide as I possibly could, I told Gary to feel me.
At the same time, I slid my hand into his pants and began to stroke his cock.
We must have kept this up for half an hour before a voice broke in. “Are you
two going to fuck or just play with each other all night?”

Hardcore party

college sex partyhardcore party
We ate dinner and made small talk. It turned out that Robert and I had
something in common – besides Gary, I mean. We were both hoping to become
“Small world,” Gary said, getting up. “Why don’t you two go ahead and
order dessert? I’ll be right back.”
When Gary was gone, Robert leaned toward me. “You look fantastic,” he
whispered. “If Gary weren’t my best friend…”
That was just the start. After dinner we skipped the theater and went
straight to a nightclub. I took turns dancing with my husband and his best
friend. It was such a turn-on dancing with Robert and rubbing up against him
whenever Gary wasn’t looking. But no matter how many times I asked, Robert
refused to slow-dance with me. “You belong to Gary,” was all he’d say.

Wild College Hardcore Orgy

hardcore orgy
To celebrate our first anniversary, my husband and I had planned a romantic
evening. Dinner, dancing, theater, the works. So you can imagine my
disappointment when Gary called to ask if a friend of his could tag along.
At first I was furious. I mean, we had been planning this all week! But
Gary explained that his friend would only be in town one night, and then he
promised to make it up to me later, so I gave in. Gary was supposed to pick me
up at six. While I was waiting, I had a quick shower and got dressed. I put on
an outfit sure to please him – a strapless black dress, stockings, and his
favorite pair of heels.
At six o’clock I heard Gary’s car pull up. He ran into the house and told
me I looked terrific. I just smiled and asked where his friend was. (I was
hoping he had decided to do the right thing and leave us alone.)
“Oh, Robert’s waiting for us at the restaurant,” Gary replied. I could have
strangled him.
Despite my anger and disappointment, dinner was great. I don’t think I’ve
ever had better. From appetizer to dessert, everything was perfect.
And Robert? I have to admit, he was a bit of a surprise. Tall, muscular,
handsome…Gary had never told me he had friends who looked like this!

College Wild Bar Parties

Bar hardcore party
She walked over to Christopher.

“Chris? Would you mind helping me get these off? With your teeth?”

Chris looked startled for a second, but quickly nodded. He
leaned towards her, and gently took her panties in his teeth. I
couldn’t see very well in the darkened cockpit, but it took him an
awfully long time to get them off and she was making these little
noises and sort of swaying back and forth, so I guess he was helping
her out a little. He finally slid them down her thighs and calves and
she stepped out of them, swinging her hair around her as she turned to
face us.

“Well, guys, how do I rate?”

We quickly and unanimously voted her a perfect ten. The blond
was sort of smiling, sort of frowning, and beckoned her over for a
whispered conversation.

Wild orgy

Wild orgy
When we knocked on the door to the office, Marty let us in and
locked the door behind us; he was just rolling himself a joint, as
it happened. We passed it around and chatted, and I rolled
another. As we smoked, I could catch him stealing glances at Lisa,
and I could see why. Her nipples were erect, and she had that
moist-eyed glaze of excitement that was due to more than just the

By then, the liquor, the earlier teasing conversation with Lisa,
the smoke, and her evident arousal had numbed my own inhibitions
and misgivings thoroughly. I mentioned Marty’s birthday and told
him that I’d been trying to think of a gift; he said it wasn’t
necessary, but I wouldn’t accept that. Lisa shot me a glance that
told me she was more than eager, so I told Marty that we’d finally
decided upon a truly memorable present. At that point, I looked
pointedly at Lisa and touched her shoulder.

Wild Groupsex Party

College Wild Group Sex
I had come home from an out-of-town consulting trip, weary of travelling
and looking forward to a quiet evening at home with my wife. My drive home
from the airport was long and uneventful, and only served to further tire an
already tired body. I was sincerely looking forward only to a good night’s

When I arrived home I was in for a most pleasant shock. I pulled into
the garage and went to the front door as usual, my luggage in hand. To my
surprise, I was greeted there by my nude wife, Shiela, and by an even bigger
surprise inside.

We belong to a nudist society, and have enjoyed it for a number of years
now. We have even had a few nudist parties at our home. Unknown by me, my
darling wife had arranged a nude birthday party for me! And what a party! Continue reading Wild Groupsex Party