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Ginny didn’t give Karla’s request another thought as she raised her leg
over Karla…..not realizing the streching lifted her skirt well up
her leg, showing that besides stockings, she also had garters holding
them up. “Damm” I said to myself as my cock grew harder, “she’s got
legs that really go all the up to her ass!”.

Karla didn’t miss the oppurtunity either, as I watched my wife’s hand
trail up Ginny’s outstretched leg, feeling her well above the top
of Ginny’s stocking. Ginny must have been well lit, as she never even
seemed to notice that Karla was actually feeling her up, as she
crawled over her.

Ginny sat between Karla and I in the car. Again my wife was at her
best, she actually bunched Ginny’s white skirt quite away up her leg
as she got in the car. I could easily see the black garters Ginny wore
and she made no attempt to pull her skirt back down.

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“Oh Bill, I love you baby”. You get the greatest ideas, no wonder we
get along so great”.

And with that, Karla was at the bar, ordering the drinks. My wife was
some sly fox. As she was waiting for the drinks, she accidently dropped
a bar napkin on the woman’s lap.

“Oh I’m sorry, so clumsy of me”. she told the lady.

“Oh….that’s all right Miss…..I’m a little drunk and still thirsty
but the bartender won’t serve me anymore’, the woman replied.

“Oh what a shame”, Karla said as she put her hand on the other woman’s
shoulder, “would you like one of these manhattans I’m getting?” “You
could come back to the table with my huband and me, and the bartender
will never know”.

“Really, you wouldn’t mind?”, the woman replied.

“Sure, let me help you over to the table……aah what was your name?”
Karla asked as I watched her very secretly let her hand fall from the
woman’s shoulder and lightly feel her breast as she did.

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“Yeh baby, really hot, my cock is growing pretty rigid and we may have
to head back across the street after this drink”.

“Oooh noooo, Bill, Please” Karla pleaded, “She’s got me hot too and if
she’s like most women she’s probably feeling pretty sexy after drinking

“God”, Karla continued, “I wonder if she’s had any type of sex in the
past four months?.” Can you imagine the fun we could have with her if
we got her back to our room!”

To which I replied, “Go check it out, what did the waitress say she
was drinking?, Manhattans wasn’t it.”

“Go up to the bar next to her and order two of them, make one a double
and then see if you can get her to come back to the table.” The
waitress just said she won’t be served by the bartender, so maybe she’ll
come back if you tell her she can have one with us.”

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Now Karla, my wife of ten years is one hell of a good looking woman and
enjoys sex with men and women alike. Well we had been drinking most of the
day, when we decided to go to the bar across from our motel.

As our eyes became adjusted to the dim light, Karla was the one that
first noticed Ginny sitting alone at the bar. She was plainly dressed
in a blue blouse, white skirt, and matching white heels. When I turned
to see why Karla was so interested I saw that this woman’s skirt was
hiked up well above her knees and about half way up her thighs, in other
words she was showing a hell of alot of leg. Karla and I also both noticed
that she seemed a little drunk, seeming to lose her balance now and then
while sitting on the bar stool.

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Just when I thought he would keep going all night, he got up on his knees
and began to jerk himself off. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled
him closer, just in time for huge spurts of cum to spray all over my face and
breasts. I opened my mouth wide, trying to catch as much of the stray cum as
I could. He tasted so good.
When he was done, he started to pull away, but I wouldn’t let him. Grabbing
his cock, I put it back in my mouth, sucking up the last of his cum. I didn’t
want to miss a drop.
Afterward, we lay down together and fell asleep in one another’s arms. That
was almost a year ago. I wonder what Gary has in store for me this year.

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“Your turn,” I said, spreading my legs. “You don’t mind doing it again in
front of my husband, do you?” I knew he could see the mixture of his and Gary’s
cum dripping from my hot pussy. Robert just smiled. “Your wife has fantastic
breasts,” he said, looking at Gary. “I’d love to fuck them.”
“Go ahead,” Gary replied. “I bet she’d like that.”
He was right. Lying on my back, I watched Robert straddle my chest. He
slipped his cock between my breasts and I squeezed them together. I tilted my
head forward so that I could watch him fuck my breasts. The mixture of his cum
and mine still coated his cock and gave it plenty of lubrication. Each stroke
started in the middle of my chest and wound up just under my chin. Opening my
mouth, I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue. He closed his eyes and
We kept this up for several minutes. I could tell he wanted to cum, but he
was holding back for my sake. He kept fucking my breasts, working himself into
a frenzy. I took his cock in my mouth each time it came near my face.

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I was so engrossed in sucking Gary’s cock that I didn’t even notice Robert
taking his clothes off. When I finally looked up, he was sitting stark naked
in a chair, smiling at me. I looked at his lap and could hardly believe my
eyes. Pointing straight up at the ceiling was the largest cock I’d ever seen.
It must have been eight inches long and thick, too! Robert had his hand around
it, stroking it.
I wanted to admire that magnificent cock, but Gary sat up and asked me to
turn around. Taking my eyes off Robert, I let Gary guide me to a new position.
This time he was lying on his back with me kneeling between his legs. Leaning
forward to suck his cock once again, I realized that Robert had a perfect
view of my ass – and that my wet pussy was an open invitation.

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I looked up, too startled to speak. Robert was sitting at the foot of the
bed watching us. From the smile on his face, I could tell he liked what he saw.
“Don’t mind me,” he said. “I just came up to say good-night.” I was about to
protest when Gary pushed me back down on the bed. My legs were still spread,
and before I could close them, he was slipping my panties off. I could tell I
was in for the night of my life!
While Robert watched, Gary began to finger-fuck me. Gently, he put his
middle finger inside my pussy and brushed my G-spot. A second finger followed,
then another one after that. In no time, he had four fingers inside me and
was using his thumb to stroke my clit. Needless to say, all this attention was
driving me crazy!

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Well, we didn’t get home until two in the morning. I was tired, but there
was no way I was going to call it a night – not yet. Gary suggested we go
downstairs and watch a movie. That’s when my anniversary party REALLY got
started. Gary picked out a videotape I’d never seen before and put it in the
VCR. When he pressed the play button, I could hardly believe my eyes. It was
a porno flick!
Gary sat down on the sofa and put his arm around me. I kept my eyes on the
television, not sure if I should be embarrassed or excited. I did notice one
thing: The guys seemed more intent on watching me than the movie! A little
while into the movie, Gary said, “I think we’ve seen enough. We’re going up
to bed now.”

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Her perfect Scots accent cracked me up, and we dissolved into
mutual hilarity. A British man across the aisle frowned at the noise,
no doubt thinking it improper at such a late hour. We laughed some
more at that, until she started yawning. It was only two more hours
to London, but that was enough time to catch a little sleep. She was
looking more relaxed than I’d seen her in weeks, despite being in a
small metal machine very far up over a very deep ocean. Maybe this
really had worked.

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“You cheated so badly. And you got off – don’t deny it!”
“I won’t. I’ll concede you the moral victory if you want to back out
and go back.”
“Oh no you don’t. You can just stand there…and I don’t care if
you’re cold, don’t you dare put your clothes back on…and watch me.
But I’m changing the rules a little.”
“Whatever makes you happy.”

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Wild sex orgy
“What’s next, guys, shirt or skirt?”
“Hey, no fair asking for advice!”
“Okay, okay…”

She shimmied out of the skirt, leaving it in a pool of black
fabric on the floor of the cockpit. Her legs were bare now, a creamy
brown line from black lace panties down to the top of black boots,
laced up to mid-calf. She raised her right leg, and placed it gently
in Christopher’s lap.

“Could you help me with my laces, captain?”
“He’s the co-pilot.”, Tony quickly interjected. “I’m the captain.”
“That’s okay, captain, you can do the other one.”

Chris quickly unlaced the boot and removed it, rubbing his
hands over her calf and down the arch of her foot as he did so. She
shivered as she pulled her leg away, and placed her left leg on Tony’s
lap. He took a little longer, sliding his hands up to mid-thigh,
until she pulled away, shaking her head.

College Wild Party

College Wild Party
“Want to join the mile-high-club?”
“With whom? The pimply flight attendant?”
“Yeah, right.”

Surrounding us were hordes of British families, little kids
curled into each other, the seats, their parents. All heading home
for the holidays. Not a single lonely man in sight.

“Hey, babe, I got an idea.”
“Uh huh. I remember your last idea. Almost got us thrown in jail.
And those two guys weren’t worth it.”
“This is much, much better. Just think of those poor lonely pilots in
the cabin. They must be so bored, flying this plane on automatic
across miles and miles of empty ocean. I bet they’re just sitting
back and dreaming of a pair of nubile, 21-yr-old college students
fulfilling their every desire.”
“And you want to fulfill their fantasies, right?”
“Well, maybe not all of their fantasies. They probably ought to keep
their hands on the equipment. But we could provide a
little…entertainment? I dare you to.”
“You what?”
“I dare you to.”
“We’re not kids anymore.”

We thought about it for a while. As we worked out the
strictly hypothetical details, it became more and more tempting. The
perfect way to relieve boredom, maybe relieve a little frustration,
and forget about the two idiots we’d left in Chicago. After all, we
were single again now. No ties, no responsibilities. And it would be
a hell of a lot of fun.

College Campus Orgy

Campus Orgy
And then it was my turn. After the lights were turned down, and the
laughs settled down, they both decided that I hadn’t seen nothin’ yet!
They both kissed me all over, one filling my mouth with their tongue
and the other playing deep throat. I liked it when they both kissed my
nipples at the same time, running their hands over my balls and cock.
Finally I rolled on top of Jan. Sally wanted to guide me in, so we
both let herfumble around and finally I was deep inside. Sally
reached around between my legs, caressing my balls and squeezing my
shaft. Jan’s hips moved faster and faster and I was on fire. There
was no turning back now. I could feel Sally’s tongue in my ear as I
screamed and exploded. It was almost more than I could handle.

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My wife Diane and I had enjoyed the beautiful expansion of our sensual lives
made possible by our sensitive and handsome friend, Dave Ellin. It evidently
awakened feelings in Diane that neither of us realized she owned..

Some weeks after our bedroom romp with Dave, Diane and me, my wife met me
at the door as I arrived home, saying, “I’ve a surprise for you, honey!”
She was wearing a really cute coctail dress with her favorite perfume applied
just enough to send my senses reeling as I took her in my arms and fervently
embrace her. “Diane, you look ravishingly beautiful tonight! Are we going out
for dinner and dancing?” “No, honey. That isn’t my surprise. It’s up to you
but, first lets sit down so I can explain for you.”

“I bought a swingers magazine two weeks ago.. I read the ads hoping to find a
single young male interested in having a light, sensual evening with a couple!
I had so much fun with you and David.. he said he didn’t want to meet us again
because he wants to spend more time with Maryel, his wife in trying to patch up
their marriage. I’ve long dreamed of making out with a younger man, showing him
the way to be patient and really enjoy making love with a woman. I never had
the opportunity when I was dating in high school or college.. the guys were
all too eager then, all fumbles and anxiety to slam bam thank you maam. You
were the first man to really draw my most innermost feelings out of me in so
perfect way. You are completely unique in the way you turn me on and pleasure
me, so don’t ever worry that you are not “enough” for me.. you always are my
favorite! So, I checked all the ads. I found one which intrigued me. It was
from a guy who said he has been studying so hard in college that he has dated
very little and that he is quite shy and finds it hard to start conversations
with women. Jerry, I wrote to him! The ad said, “Please send photo.” I sent him
that one you took of me with your Polaroid, where I had one leg up on a chair –
and had pulled up my dress to show my thin pale green panties – you had asked
me to pull aside the crotch of my panties to show my red pubic hair and cunny!”

“Diane, that was pretty bold of you, writing to a stranger and enclosing so
risque a shot!! It is one of my favorites of you though and you sure look
appealing and interested!! Did you get an answer?” “Yes.. within a week! And,
I didn’t tell you about it when I read his reply because I felt so good about
being able to “accept him” – and I wanted this to be a surprise which you could
either accept or turn down, and I would be okay; his name is Peter Neil, honey,
and he writes very intelligently in neat handwriting, as carefully as you do.
Here, read his letter now.” I took the letter from Diane’s hand with a sense
of excitement (if she already felt able to “accept” Peter on the strength of
this letter! “Dear Ms. ‘loves young men’ – I was so happy to recieve your nice
response to my ad in the Companions magazine, issue No. 27. I hope you will be
interested in loving with me! I have very little experience with women, but I
was entranced with the gorgeous photo you included with your letter! I look at
it each night, wishing that I could see the real you, even in fully clothed
dress, to meet you. You look so kind and yet very sensual. When I lie in bed
at night and am feeling very horny, I take your photo and yearn to touch you
as I pleasure myself happily. If you would like to consider meeting me, you
can telephone me at 736-2587 and leave a message or speak with me. My name
is Peter Neil. Thank you again for your great letter; I hope we can meet soon.
Yours, Peter”.. “Did you call him, honey,” I asked Diane. “YES! And he suggest-
ed that we meet in a safe place so I would not be frightened of talking with
a stranger. We met yesterday at the Four Seasons hotel coffee shop, and had
lunch together.” “Well, Diane! You are all dressed up tonight. Does your sur-
prise include Peter and maybe me?” “You guessed it, darling! I have only to
dial his number, Jer. He is waiting to hear if “it” is on or not for this eve-
ning!” “Call him, and suggest that we meet him at the Westin Hotel bar at 7;
then, after we all have a drink together, I can wink to you my approval or
shut both eyes for a couple seconds if I don’t want to have him come to our
place. Sound okay??” “Great idea, honey! I’ll call Peter now.” Off Diane went,
a huge happy smile on her beautifully madeup face! In a few minutes, she
returned and said, “Peter likes the idea and will meet us at the Westin right
at 7 p.m.” “Okay,” I said.”I’ll run upstairs and shower and change clothes.”

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Slowly, she ran her tongue up the shaft of his now very hard tool.
“Tell him what a good cocksucker I am.” With that, she engulfed
him again, reaching out one hand to grab my hand. She placed it on
the back of her head and then reached for Marty’s to place it on
her head, too. He groaned.

I shoved her head down on him, and he soon had taken over, holding
her head in both hands, pushing his prick down her throat. In
seconds, he was bucking and humping her face as he filled her mouth
with semen.She intentionally held on to his prick with her lips
while she let some of the cum drip down her chin. All the while,
he’d said nothing but “oh,” “wow,” and “Lisa.”

She swallowed, looked coyly up at him, and said, “Happy Birthday,
Marty.” Then she looked at me and said, “I’m glad you didn’t go,
but you didn’t tell him what a good cocksucker I am, so I’ll have
to show him how wet I get when I have a hard prick in my mouth.”
She took his hand then, and pulled it under her skirt. I knew then
that she’d probably removed her panties earlier, when she’d gone to
the ladies’ room in the restaurant. “Sometimes it makes me so
excited that I come,” she said, “but poor Marty came too fast . .
. this time.” She smiled.

Party Night Orgy

Party Night Orgy
As a result, by the time we arrived at the bar, we were both at a
high pitch. It wasn’t very late, but it was a fairly slow night at
the bar. We had a drink or two and flirted quietly with each
other. Finally, Lisa asked if I’d thought about Marty’s gift.

Half bluffing (it was tough to tell, even long afterward, whether
I’d been bluffing or not; the wine had fuzzed my inhibitions by
then), I said I thought it might be a good idea. She suggested
then that we visit Marty in the office. “You can decide later,” she
said, “and let me know what you want me to do. There’s no
pressure. I’d be willing to leave it a fantasy.”

Lisa was good at putting me at ease. She had a kind of wisdom, as
well as an electric sexuality, that allowed her to always make me
feel unpressured. At the same time, of course, she aroused my
imagination in ways that made me able to consider what might
otherwise have been unthinkable.

College Wild Partie

College Wild Partie
Sally climbed on top and I guided Jan to sit down behind her. Jan
reached around and held Sally’s breast with one hand and her pussy with
the other while she pressed her breasts against Sally’s back. She had
me deep inside her and I could feel Jan’s finger occasionally drop down
and squeeze the base of my hard cock. Sally was coming already, and we
squealed with her. She had never had anything like this happen to her
before, and I found out later how many times we would repeat the same
wonderful “trip”.

The Threesome Variation story

Archive-name: 3plus/3play.txt
Archive-author: Hugbunk
Archive-title: The Threesome Variation I

She was an attractive divorcee, and a lot of fun to talk to. I
had no idea she would say “That sounds like a great idea!” when I
suggested she join my wife and me for an evening. And the lack of
resistance when I asked Jan about it didn’t really make me feel
too badly.

Here we were together in the hotel suite after an evening of din-
ing and dancing. Sally liked Tuborg Gold Tequila and Jan liked
Manhattans. I was all set for both. We sat and had a few drinks,
when Sally asked Jan to join her in a joint. She never had be-
fore, but was willing to try. I had just quit smoking a few years
before, so didn’t dare join them.

Well, it wasn’t long, with pot and whiskey, and three people who
had known each other for a few years, before the atmosphere became
very, very comfortable. I finally suggested turning off the
lights and lying down and they both agreed.

It was pitch dark, and my clothes were off in a flash. Lying
there in the middle of the king size bed, I was growing with an-
ticipation, hearing them both undressing on either side of the
bed. Sally lied down first and I put my arm around her, kissing
her gently. Her skin was so soft, and I had never touched her be-
fore. As I felt the bed move when Jan sat down, I rolled over on
my back, taking her in my other arm. Her breasts were larger, and
her perfume sweet, and she snuggled in closely.
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